Polar Bear Dive 2020


Annual Polar Bear Plunge!

The New Year's Day 2020 Polar Bear Dive/Plunge was a success!  We had a record breaking attendance of 63 divers brrraving the cold water at a variety of levels.  Some were sporting dry suits, and some were in 3, 5, and/or 7ml wetsuits.  Some compromised at the semi-dry level.  But there were TWO brrrrave souls that took to the 52 degree water in their swimsuits!

We had awards for the youngest, oldest, farthest traveled, and the c-c-c-coldest polar bears! 

Also, did you know the term for a group of Polar Bears is a "celebration"?  (For real!)  We think that is cause for celebrating INTERNATIONAL SCUBA for having the largest turnout at this years Polar Bear Dive, they had 19 divers there!  

Be sure to mark your calendar to join us next year on New Year's Day at the 2021 Annual Polar Bear Dive and brrrrave the cold while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow divers!